About Thomvest

Thomvest is a $300M cross-stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. We are investing the capital of one individual, Peter Thomson, whose family owns the majority of Thomson Reuters. Peter started Thomvest in 1996 and has invested in more than 50 private companies since that time.

One of the benefits of our structure is that we never have to raise money from outside investors. This means that we can spend our time working closely with the companies in our portfolio. Our structure also provides flexibility in the ways we work with companies — we can invest at any stage of funding, we don’t look for a specific target ownership amount, and we can do a mix of equity and venture debt.

By the numbers

1996 year founded
$300M under management
53 investments to date
11 team members

Focus Areas

We’ve structured the firm to be vertically-oriented, leveraging our network and expertise within each vertical to support our portfolio and identify leading companies. Our vertical market focus is also backed by the research we do in each of these areas, which we publish regularly on our blog.

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