Our Fund

Thomvest is a $250mm venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. We invest in companies that range from early stage companies to those seeking growth equity rounds of financing. We are heavily focused on three particular areas: advertising technology, financial technology, and security. Our vertical market focus is also backed by the research we do in each of these areas, some of which you can see on our blog. In addition to our focus on specific markets, a major difference between our fund and many others is that we are investing the capital of one individual, Peter Thomson, whose family owns the majority of Thomson Reuters. Peter started Thomvest in 1996 and has invested in more than 50 private companies since that time.

One of the benefits of our structure is that we never have to raise money from outside individuals. This means that we can spend our time focusing on the companies we work with. We don’t do a high volume of investments (typically 4-6 new investments per year) because we want to spend our time helping entrepreneurs grow their companies. We are also very flexible in the ways that we invest. We can invest at any stage of funding, we don’t look for a specific target ownership amount, and we can do a mix of equity and venture debt. Given the Canadian heritage, we also like to think that we are nice guys to work with.

We encourage you to get in touch if you think there is a good fit.